Driven KRT Syntetic 0W-20 Racing Motor Oil (946mL)

Driven KRT Syntetic 0W-20 Racing Motor Oil (946mL)

Driven Racing Oil KRT (formerly Joe Gibbs KRT) is a fully synthetic oil developed for 4 stroke kart engines such as the Honda GX range, Honda clones and Briggs & Stratton. Recommended by some of the most renowned Honda engine builders, KRT features a friction modifier package which increases high temperature durability and delivers dyno proven power gains. This makes it a great choice to gain advantages in pro kart and cadet classes where engine modifications are forbidden.

Driven KRT also provides a high oil film strength which helps protect engine components against wear under the high loads encountered in race engines particularly in endurance races.

Viscosity 0W20. Highly recommended for:

  • Honda GX140, GX160 & GX200 as used in Pro karts and Honda Cadets
  • Honda GX240, GX270, GX320, GX390 as used in Thunder karts
  • Honda Clone engines such as Loncin


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